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fabricated simplex strainers
cast y strainers

We handle IFC fabricated strainers, y-strrainers, cast simplex strainers, floating ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, flanged fittings, air releases, flash tanks, boiler blow downs, moisture separators, valve drip pan elbows, Rubber Connectors AUM, Rubber Connectors ASM, Rubber Connectors ATM, Triple Duty Valves, Fabricated Suction Strainers, Iron Flanged Suction Strainers, etc.

Product Brochure Downloads

You may download Islip Flow Controls product brochures for all related products that we handle
by selecting any of the following links and downloading the appropriate Adobe PDF files:

Fabricated Strainers

Cast Y-Strainers

Cast Simplex Strainers

Floating Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Cast Y Strainer Brochure
Flanged Fittings

Air Release

Flash Tank

Boiler Blowdown

Moisture Separator

Valve Drip Pan Elbow

Rubber Connector AUM

Rubber Connector ASM

Rubber Connector ATM

Yoke Covered Basket

Triple Duty Valve

Fabricated Suction

Iron Flanged Suction

Contact us for quotes on all of your strainer and valve requirements. We are very well versed with overseas shipping as well as throughout the US, Canada and South America. Contact us for very, very competitive filter and shipping rates.

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