Outage Filters For Kaydon, Filterdyne, Keene and Bowser Applications

Outage Filters

Outage Filters offers fast delivery of very competitively priced Bowser, Keene, Filterdyne and Kaydon products.

We sell OEM and replacement filters, all types of strainers (including basket, y, tee, automatic, fabricated, duplex and temporary styles), industrial filter equipment, turbine air intake elements, lube oil skids, heat exchangers and all related replacement parts. We competently know how to ship internationally and are very adept at shipping anywhere in the world. We're located in the greater New York area with customers throughout the United States as well as world wide.

nuclear power plant grade strainers

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Tel: 732-534-0716
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outage supplies

We ship World Wide... Canada, Oman, Turkey, Venezula, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Singapore, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Tahiti, Peru, Panama, Bahama Islands, Germany, England, Ireland, France, India, Australia, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Phillipines, Taiwan, Malta, Indonesia, Brazil, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Iceland, UAE, Faroe Islands, Norway, Scotland, etc...

Outage Filters
PO Box 623
Jackson, NJ 08527
Tel: 732-534-0716
Fax: 732-534-0717
E-Mail: sales@outagefilters.com

outage filter elements

Contact us for quotes for Kaydon, Keene, Filterdyne and Bowser filter elements, cartridges, parts and accessories. We are very well versed with overseas shipping as well as throughout the US, Canada and South America. Contact us for very, very competitive filter and shipping rates.

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Outage Filters ¤ PO Box 623 ¤ Jackson, NJ 08527
Tel: 732-534-0716 ¤ Fax: 732-534-0717
E-Mail: sales@outagefilters.com

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